Decrunch 2048 Wrocław real test the miniGANGCART

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miniGANGCART How to use this super cartridge for C64

Main features of miniGANGCART
- SD2IEC on board
- 8Mb eprom on board
- 100% Fianl III mode with desktop 2.0
- 100% Golden Cartridge 13 games pack + more
- 95% functions from Action Replay
- CBM Asterodi real full game
- turbo&commands support real drive 1541 and 1581
- diagnostic tools for real drive and C64
- works with NTSC and PAL versions of Commodore

miniGANGCART cartridge from GANGC64 Review

Unpacking package from Poland and first run the miniGANGCART in USA with real Commodore C64.

miniGANGCART cartridge from GANGC64 Review Followup

Now I know there is SD2IEC with Final III+ and a lot of tools.

The miniGANGCART tests

How start journey with this amazing cartridge and my Commodore C64.

The miniGANGCART tests and more

Is this cartridge have any faults ?

Some technical philosophy from Retrogralnia about miniGANGCART

If you have any free time it is nice to see.

CBM Asteroids on Commodore 64 - Rob Plays

I thought it'd be cool to check out one of the titles on the Mix-I-Disk: CBM Asteroids, developed by Wegi. CBM Asteroids are include in miniGANGCARD just run <-A hit RETURN and play.